The Reality of Going to an Art School – Facts You Should Know

Getting a letter of acceptance from an art school comes with a lot of excitement, especially for those who believe they have the talent. Unfortunately, this excitement is always short-lived for many students. What happens is, most students with artistic minds often think that getting admitted to art is a one-way ticket to the holy hood, only to realize later that it is nothing less or more than any other school.

If you are planning to join an art school, here are some few facts you must know before you make that application.

1. Going to a famous art school is not a guarantee of success

Most students who get admitted to big art schools often think that they’ve made it. They forget that they’ve gone there to enhance their skills. Instead of focusing on building their talent, they cram lectures, do exams and hope that everything will go well. Keep in mind, cramming notes and passing an exam will get you a great job, but without the right skills, you might not be able to perform out there. In short, you have to work on building your skills consistently.

2. The school will not try hard to make you understand everything you need to succeed out there

More often, lectures are forced to deal with a lot of students at once. For that reason, they won’t try to find out if you understood the teaching or not. Instead, they will just do their lectures, and when their hours are over, they will go. If you don’t understand anything, they won’t know. Also, keep in mind; your lecturer is not a walking library. He or she doesn’t have all the answers. It is, therefore, upon you to make time to do research.

3. It is your efforts that will help you achieve your dreams153531310

Completing assignments will just help you avoid trouble with the school, but the truth is, it won’t contribute much in building your skills. One fact is, what you do outside the class or exam room is the same thing that you achieve your dreams. Keep in mind, attending lectures and completing assignments is not the same as working to earn money. So, work harder to make your life easier when you get outside. Just like art, exercising requires consistency and efforts. There’s a program we’re in love with, read Old School New Body reviews.

4. A larger percentage of what you will get from a big art school can be found at any less-famous art college

Even though a University is more recognizable than a state college level, they won’t offer you a lot as many people assume. Even if you get your degree, you will still have to struggle the same way as a community college level graduate to get a job. More often, a major study area may determine where you will get your information, but you can always supplement that with additional programs. So, even if you only managed to get into a college, you can still achieve your dreams. All you need is, to work a little bit harder in accessing the vital information.

5. Your ability is worth more than an Arts degree

You can achieve a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administrations and hope to find a job without working too hard. With an Arts Degree, things are different, unless you are planning to teach at an Art School or hoping to find a job overseas. More often, your employers won’t be looking at what you achieved at the University. They will want to see your talent, and you can’t prove that by just providing papers. In short, your degree will be worthless if you don’t have the talent.

6. An art school can be distracting

Becoming one of the greatest artists on the globe is not an easy task as it seems. Even with the talent, you have to work on building it consistently. Sadly, with the university’s parties and other activities, you might get distracted from achieving your dream. If you are lucky to be called to an art school, go there with one intention that is, sharpening your art skills. Postpone other time-wasting activities that won’t help you in life.

The bottom line

After high school, we can’t hope for anything less than getting an invitation to one of the best art schools around the globe. In fact, that is every student’s dream. Unfortunately, it is not always what we think it is. Just like any other school, an art college or University requires hard work. It requires you to work on building your skills consistently. So, if you are lucky to get an admission letter, don’t waste the chance.


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